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#1. Post Posted: 04-10-2022, 02:20 AM
I've been thinking about it for a while and I just found it to be crazy how artists such as Yeat, KanKan, September, So Faygo, Ken Carson, and etc... have all blown up in such a short amount of time. Especially for their age, they're really doing something 'new.' Whether it'd be a new trend or new style/ sound of music, I've always wanted to see what that energy resonates with.

I've had the luck of being invited to one of Kan's shows along with Autumn to the thanks of my friend Frankie. The least I could say is that these shows are a whole other thing. Although security might be incredibly intimidating, you have to keep in mind that many substances are present along with the fact that these rappers themselves are carrying some form of weapon. 

I think that besides the shows, the music they make speaks for itself. Now with all this momentum they've built up, you can see them slowly start to trickle into other industries such as clothing. I want to also mention the momentum built by blender artists such as Yahtzee, Satch, Dawson, and etc... It really gives others a chance to shine in wake of what's now becoming mainstream. 

To even get to the point of having Yeat be tight with not only Zack Bia, who by the way is incredibly young too, but along with Drake too is absolutely insane. Having HAW, Houston Appreciation Weekend, as a prefect opportunity to see Drake and OVO was prefect on Yeat's part. I'm just looking forward to what they'll do in the future. Hopefully, my brand can play a part in all this. If not, I'll just role solo...
Yours truly... 

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