Finding your individual style

#1. Post Posted: 03-30-2022, 03:19 AM
What helped you guys find your own style?
- blaze
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(03-30-2022, 03:19 AM)blaze.smt Wrote: What helped you guys find your own style?

Figuring out what fit my proportions well was super important for me
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I haven’t founded my personal style yet but i think that what helps the most is finding inspiration and discovering new stuff
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Mix of a lot of people. Mainly, Ken Ijima. However I know he's a little more controversial.
Yours truly... 
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For me definitely started with YouTuber and Music artist I’ve liked,
for YouTube: PAQ, The Unknown Vlogs, Ken Ijima, and frugal Aesthetic.
Music: Kevin Abstract, Tyler,the creator.
Things just began to grow as I looked deeper into them
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(03-30-2022, 03:19 AM)blaze.smt Wrote: What helped you guys find your own

Finding something that fits your personality, what you're comfortable in, and your overall interests are all factors in developing your own distinct style. Finding your "style" and eventually adopting it as your own takes time.

For me, I found myself taking inspiration from various aspects of my life. For example, I drew inspiration from anime, video games, cosplay, my culture (specifically Asian culture), fashion runways, and movies.  Exclamation
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(03-30-2022, 03:19 AM)blaze.smt Wrote: What helped you guys find your own style?
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