Patch Pocket Pants release?

#1. Post Posted: 08-28-2022, 04:27 AM
Dear Mr Trevor,

I really need those patch pocket pants BAD. I was hoping they would release, with the Veblen collection, but I’m paranoid that there won’t be another delivery. They’ve been shown a lot before and I’m getting tired of it the brown and green pair are beautiful. Please release the pants NOW. Bump if you agree.

P.S: If you didn’t plan on releasing the pants, I’ll drop kick your nan.

-Tommy Salami

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#3. Post Posted: 08-29-2022, 02:15 AM
(08-28-2022, 08:51 PM)trevor Wrote: calm

ok, I'm sorry
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lmfaoo chill mayne, I'm sure the next drop is part 2 of Veblen, then following the laced hiking boot-esque mules
@hopeyourdoinwell   Big Grin

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