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Over the few years I've been in clothing, I've realized one thing... it's hard. This industry is pretty hard to get into if you're not already apart of something or know someone special. I've somewhat struggled the few years I've created clothing, and of course, I can blame it on not posting too much or just doing too little. My last drop didn't do so hot, I think that was for a good reason. I think I'm done focusing all of my energy into clothing. Much rather, I'd like to focus it into throwing venues for underground rappers. People who have a talent and who are also serious about music. 

I'd still be doing everything through my brand account. Although now, it won't be a brand account, much more a creative account. I believe I've already met enough people online to host such an event. I'll also be doing it near my college, so I'm hoping to bring the underground rap scene to them too. 

Finally, in terms of clothing, I'd still be making shirts. Don't get me wrong, although my sales have slowly come to a halt, I'll just make shirts to throw into the crowd at these venues. I think it's smart. Not selling online, but only selling at venues. Hopefully, that rebuilds exclusivity around everything again, slowly. Anyways, I don't think I'll be coming on here as often as I used to as now, I'm going to go focus on this chance. Hopefully it turns into something cool. 
If you want to keep up with me, I'll leave my @ for insta, although you really don't have to. @s.a.m.project

Thanks y'all. <3
Yours truly... 
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Круто. Хотя надо все же работать дальше.

Киев город в Украине.

Пройдите мимо нас и простите нам наше счастье.

Можно доработать, а так хорошо.
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Москва не столица Киева.

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