Autumn Show recap

#1. Post Posted: 07-20-2022, 01:12 AM
Went to the Autumn show and met with a bunch of rappers there. I brought Autumn a manga called "Parasyte" and he lost his shit for a minute. We spoke about manga, then about my brand. Then he shouted out my brand on his story which gave me a lot of traction within the first few hours. Crazy, I gained nearly 40 followers and increased my interactions. I was pretty happy about that too. I then also met with some video shooters. The guys who shoot for Kan, Summrs, and etc...

Overall, I think my next goal is to get my next drop out of the way. Then, focus on throwing a show with some rappers I know and invite video shooters too. Hopefully, I can bring the underground rap scene to my very Texan university. Wish me luck!
Yours truly... 

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