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#1. Post Posted: 07-13-2022, 10:56 PM
Since I've been on summer, I don't know why, but I always try to tap back into my childhood. Whether it'd be from re-watching old shows to diving back into collecting Pokemon cards. I'm only 19, but I still feel the need to act like I'm 10. However, this summer, I've been busy. Not like busy with trips and etc... but busy with work and my brand. It's apparent that I've now gotten older. However, I don't want to ever lose that inner kid in me. So, from the beginning of this summer, I started to re-watch the Teen Titans and finished, just of yesterday. 

I didn't really pick it up as a kid, but the ending was depressing. It was also just a huge cliff hanger. It sucks but the last episode revolved around the theme of "changing." Just as everything else does, all things change. It hurts to think of this but really, it's true. I'm changing from having fun to now having responsibilities. With work, college, and my brand. I'm really trying my best to have fun in the process. Even meeting more people through it, hopefully that continues too.
Yours truly... 

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