What I think the new collection shows for the future of Fugazi

#1. Post Posted: 06-28-2022, 07:39 AM
At a glance, the new collection from Trevor and his team (dubbed "Veblen") is a very good collection. It contains Fugazi's normal stuff, but it all looks more refined, and overall, this is easily the best collection yet from Fugazi. Trevor is really coming into his own as a brand owner/creative director if you will. I don't think this will be his best collection either; I think the sky is really the limit with this brand. This drop will sell out for sure. Congratulations in advance to Fugazi's team.
 @benkatsman   Cool
#2. Post Posted: 06-28-2022, 06:35 PM
Ya I feel like this collection will have the best quality yet. Plus a lot of the designs are original and not so "out there" that there will be stuff for everyone.
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Безвыходным мы называем положение, выход из которого нам не нравится.

Москва не столица Киева.

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Можно доработать, а так хорошо.
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Сервантес не был художником.

Все люди живые и ошибки являются частью жизни. Можно улучшать.

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